CCTV is a collection of video cameras used for video surveillance!
    DVRs are Connected by the number of channels or cameras
    Access control is the ability to permit or deny the use of a particular resource by a particular entity

About Us :

Inspire Enterprises to offers a wide range of office automation solutions / security Surveillances since 2007. We at inspire believe in offering a solution based on customer’s requirement & budget, over selling. Inspire Enterprise is a major dealers of Sparsh, Gobbler, Matrix Products and Unicam in South India and Technical Support also provided to the major products. We provided Quality Reliable Service at Reasonable Cost, so that our customer’s are inspired.


Vision :
Since security has become a great concern in today’s world, many apartment communities have started installing CCTV cameras. Closed-circuit television (CCTV’s) are mandatory in and around you house premises for your own safety and security. The CCTV cameras work safety monitoring and reviewing the footage and keep a watch on whoever enters and exits the apartment premises.



Benefits of CCTV cameras:

1) Security cameras make it easy to keep your residents safe from any kind of discourage violence and other crimes from occurring on your premises.

2) A network of IP cameras managed by a network video recorder allows you to broadcast your security camera footage over the internet. You can see the footage from anywhere in the world and check what is happening on your complexes at any time.

3) Moreover there should be periodic maintenance to ensure that all the cameras are working fine. So, residents of apartments across India why wait? Go ahead and install a CCTV camera at your apartment premises and lead a secured life